I do not sell your information and I limit visitor tracking.

I do, however, use third-party tools to manage this site.

Here is the information collected:


Google Analytics:

Disabled by default. Only collected if permission is given in the cookie banner.

       Analytics help me understand my audience. Your IP is anonymized from Google and your data is only shared with Google for analytics processing. Analytics include IP-based location, device type, session information (including page response times), length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information, and methods used to browse away from the page. Google does not have permission to collect your data (anonymized or otherwise) to improve their products and services or aggregate data for benchmarking.

Wix Analytics:

Disabled by default. Only collected if permission is given in the cookie banner.

       I host this site on Wix and it is not possible to disable their native analytics. The same information collected in Google Analytics is collected by Wix Analytics. Wix does not collect or sell the data of "users of users" (you, the visitor) beyond what is necessary to host this website and process analytics. View their privacy policy here


Wix Essential Cookies:

       If you have an ad/tracker blocker, you may notice several cross-site trackers from ""; these are the "essential cookies" and cannot be disabled, but blocking them should not affect the site's performance.

Login Information:

       If you login to this site to post a comment, the personal information connected to your account (name, email, country) will be collected and maintained. By signing up to comment, you are NOT signing up for newsletter emails or any other emails. If you would like your account permanently deleted, please email me.

Mailing List:

       I use Zoho Campaigns to manage the mailing list. If you sign up for the mailing list, your information (email, name (if provided)) will only be provided to Zoho to receive HannahTech email updates. Zoho also collects basic analytics on form views, button views, and interactions; this cannot be disabled. Your information will NOT be used by Zoho or any other third party for any purposes outside of processing my mailing list. View their privacy policy here.

I ensure this site functions properly with anti-tracking and ad blocker software. I encourage everyone to install a tracker blocker to ensure all trackers are blocked by default; these will block the cookies that cannot be disabled by the viewer. 

I promote self-hosting and data control on this site, but I also take cybersecurity seriously. This site and its services are open to the whole internet; to ensure it remains secure and free of malware, I will leave its hosting to the professionals. If you have any privacy concerns related to the services I use on this site, please contact me.